Yorke Photography

I uprooted myself several years ago from the beautiful east coast, for a single adventure and then fell in love with a boy and married him. I decided to replant myself in a quirky, small, Upper Canadian city.  I have an affinity for sucker punching people in the feels. I think, sometimes, life is easier to handle through rose coloured glass. I like to be reminded that there is beauty in the simplicity of the everyday. Every now and then a bit of hot water gets added, but in the end we get a nice cup of tea out of the deal.






Yorke Photography

I like to display the embarrassing and awkward moments of my daily life to help you take your own self a little less seriously, laugh at your blunders, praise your attempts and celebrate your successes. I’m raising two little girls and a teenage step-son alongside the love of my life on the magical East Coast of Canada. I sing loud, laugh hard, learn with wide eyes and I’ll take a pint of whatever’s in the fridge.