In A Name

In a Name

A cold November day,
one big breath.
Warm arms
hold me tight.

My name is Robert

A misbehaved boy
according to
humourless teachers
and their false reports.

My name is Bobby

Tobacco fields
Brown muscled arms.
A second job
Worked without the sun.

My name is Bob

Years of school
For black robes,
a tie too tight,
And framed parchment.

My name is Robert G. Stephens

An Irish girl
with a smile
that knocks me over.
Exchanged kisses
And now missus.

My name is Lovie

A tiny apartment
in a big city
A big house
in a tiny town.

My name is Dad

Countless worries
A farm
A practice
A family
Weeks meld
Years surprise me.

My name is Mr. Stephens

With flecks of grey
I dance across the floor,
Little girls
in white dresses

My name is Father-in-law

Little fingers
with big futures
Crash into my world
New worries and more hugs

My name is Papa

Seventy years of
hard work for
pints and good meals,
Shared memories.
Several names
define me.

My name is Life



5 thoughts on “In A Name

  1. A beautiful tribute to one of my favourite guys. Happy Birthday Uncle Bob! Sending lots of love your way.

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