As children, we built forts together. We’d push Mom’s rocking chair out of its corner, drape a blanket over the back and then use thumb tacks to secure the roof of our fort to the wall.  As soon as it was up we’d put our pillows, blankets and treasures inside. When part of the roof caved in, we’d crawl out, inspect the damage and readjust as necessary; tuck the blanket behind the cushion and make a new hole in the wall since the old one was no longer supportive.

Welcome to our adult fort. The blanket has been pinned up and now we’ll start piling in our treasures.  For those of you who are new, we suggest starting here  or here to get to know us a bit better. For those of you who have been here before, you will find some of the older treasures still kicking around, but look around to see what’s new.

This is something we are creating together. We are so wholly and completely different. Right down to the brown hair and eyes contrasted against the blonde and blue. But somehow, we both look like our mother. We hope you like our fort and the treasures we share.